Do HHO (Hydrogen assistance) Gas Systems Really Save on Petrol Fuel Costs?


Oxyhydrogen. HHO. Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement. All these names essentially refer to a device that you can have fitted to your car, where it uses your battery to perform electrolysis and create hydrogen gas that feeds to your air intake on your engine. Continue reading

12. April 2014 by Phil Smulian
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If you’re thinking of buying from the World of Chillies online shop, but you’re unsure on quality and delivery Etc., then here’s my experience with the online store. I’m a lover of hot chillies, but I live in South Africa, … Continue reading

11. April 2014 by Phil Smulian
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Sunset in Glencairn


Just a short post. This is what the sky in Glencairn, in the south peninsula of Cape Town looks like right now. Continue reading

24. November 2013 by Phil Smulian
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What I got for 100 South African Rands in September 2013


I thought I’d start a series of posts showing what I could get for R100 (South African Rands), at a given point in time. This is the first one.
If I keep it up, it might be interesting later on, comparing the value of a buck via it’s shopping power (buying power). Continue reading

15. September 2013 by Phil Smulian
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Self Philfilling Prophecies


Well there it is. I’m a bundle of self fulfilling prophecies. I’m really really good at manufacturing and nuturing fears. My mind conceives close to the worst outcome, and then builds on it.

I’m so good at it, that I’m like a painter splurging expressive colours onto a wall. Continue reading

25. July 2013 by Phil Smulian
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1994 Jetta CLI 3 stuck in 5th Gear


I recently bought a 1994 Volkswagen Jetta CLI 3 from a trusted neighbour. It cost me very close to the book value, as it was in good nick, considering the age and about 260,000 Km’s on the clock. Continue reading

09. June 2013 by Phil Smulian
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