Some ideas for a strategy to fix a corrupt government – namely the African National Congress

I’m not of a hippie type mentality. While I think it’s a great idea to create a sustainable future for humans, I don’t think the system needs to be completely overhauled by as soon as tomorrow, with everyone having the … Continue reading

06. December 2015 by Phil Smulian
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Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

Your Android phone has become horribly slow. You’re frustrated because when you got the phone, everything was instant: browsing the web, Facebooking, banking, playing angrybirds, Etc. Now you twiddle your thumbs while the phone strains to perform each new request. … Continue reading

20. April 2015 by Phil Smulian
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The Hydro Chili Garden


A while ago I bought some chili seeds online from World of Chillies. I was excited to grow Bhut Jolokia, what my noob brain thought was the hottest chili in the world at the time. Continue reading

09. November 2014 by Phil Smulian
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5 Important Things That Are Virtually Impossible In Joomla But Are Simple In WordPress


Joomla is the bane of my web development & SEO existence. I sometimes feel coders of Joomla, users of Joomla, & purveyors of Joomla sites & templates should be locked in solitary confinement for their unforgivable crimes. In the war … Continue reading

27. October 2014 by Phil Smulian
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Doodling Life Away


Can’t stop that doodling feeling…

10. July 2014 by Phil Smulian
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Cyborg Rat Race


A bit of satire while I’m waiting for my buddy to call me this morning. This sums up how I feel these days.      

05. July 2014 by Phil Smulian
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