What I got for 100 South African Rands in June 2014

15. June 2014 by

Well, here’s the second post in the series of ‘what you can get for R100’. Click here for the first one from about 9 months ago.

Ok, I shopped at my local Spar. The place is a little pricey, because my area is fairly remote. But it’s not at all far from your standard Spar in terms of the prices.

What I got

  • 500g of butter – 24
  • s standard loaf of white sliced bread – 12.30
  • a pack of carrots – 7
  • 4 large bananas – 20
  • a small tub of peanut butter – 24.50
  • a slab of chocolate – 10

Total = R97.80

I would estimate, very roughly, that this produce will last me a week or maybe a little more. I will need to buy more bread and other things, such as eggs. By no means is this going to be all that I eat through the next week. But it will be close to all that I eat. I live fairly lean. If I run every day like I plan to, which I probably wont, then I will need to eat a lot more, as I will be like a ravenous beast that is never satiated.

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  1. 24 poonds for 4 yellow dyicks! where’s the eggo’s min? how you gonna make nice eggs if you havent got the right spices (or eggs)?

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